Motorized Curtain Systems & Controls

For easy to operate and seamless curtain design House Couturier’s custom electric curtains and motorized curtain tracks are state of the art option for all properties in London.  With proven reliability allowing direct interfacing with automated controls custom electric curtain tracks can cover wide window spans, stack curtains in multiple positions and cope with large, heavy lined custom curtains and made to measure luxury drapes.

With a push of a button, you can operate one or many curtain track systems by remote control. The new contemporary motorized motorized curtain systems feature state of the art, built-in electronics that make any desired control option possible and are capable of handling all your requirements and applications.


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Most electric curtains and motorized curtain tracks systems are compatible with Lutron lighting and Crestron audio visual systems.

Custom electric curtains London


Electric curtain tracks are an excellent solution for large or hard to reach windows and are becoming more and more popular for window curtains.

Suitable for private residences, Offices, hotels, Schools, Churches, conference Halls or Cinema rooms - electric window curtain tracks can be individually operated, arranged in groups or incorporated into the management systems.

You may choose from a range of electric tracks or motorized blinds according to individual requirements, including fixed switch/hard wired, remote control, or a combination of both.


Electric Curtains and Blinds

Electric curtains and blinds operation is the technology of the future as it guarantees comfortable and efficient operation, of even the heaviest and largest curtains and voiles.

Electrically operated curtain tracks are ideal for curtains in very high windows or curtains that are hard to reach and essential for audio visual, theatre, stage and conference rooms or larger offices.

Silent Gliss has more than 40 years experience with electrical curtain tracks.

We offer solutions for single tracks and multiple tracks, we can even integrate them into building management systems.

Electric curtain tracks can be bent for specific  uses

Electric Curtain System

The widest range of electrically operated curtain system tracks range from medium duty domestic to heavy stage curtain tracks designed to take up to 50kg of curtain over 60m. 5090 Autoglide domestic range with dawn and dusk or timer select and remote control. Three medium to heavy systems, one with twin channel for infinite overlap, another which can be operated both electrically and by hand for public areas. Plus a heavy duty system and a very heavy duty stage curtain track.

Tracks can be incorporated into building management systems and a BUS system is offered. A range of fixing possibilities including wall, ceiling and recess. All tracks have non stretch belt operation except for our stage track which has steel core rope. Most tracks are meant to be bent by design. All of our electric tracks and especially our heavy duty systems are attractively designed and discreet, unlike many others on the market. Using aluminium and high grade plastic, efficiency and durability are guaranteed.

Electric curtain system tracks may be operated by fixed switch or radio remote control or both. Huge range of options for multiple switching simultaneously or individually or in banks. The curtain tracks cover a multitude of stacking possibilities including single, pair, multiple pairs and asymmetric.

The beauty of electric curtain system tracks is that you can choose from virtually any soft furnishing fabric available worldwide. Silent Gliss also offer beautiful fabric ranges which we can make up for you. We offer a wide selection of luxurious fabrics for domestic and commercial projects including stunning silks, striking faux suedes and linens. ‘New’ range of fabrics offers cooler, contemporary fabric ranges, the cutting edge of design. Also available are flame retardant fabrics in a huge variety of colours for commercial use.

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Heavy-duty Application

Silent Gliss 5300

Heavy weight curtains. Can be bent. Multiple and asymmetrical stacking possible.

Silent Gliss 5400

Light – medium – heavy weight curtains. Ceiling, recess or wall fix. Can be bent. Various stacking possibilities. Profile available in silver, white, bronze and black as standard. Manual override option available. Can be operated via fixed switch or radio control. Suitable for use with Wave and Wave XL curtain heading systems.

Medium-weight Application

Silent Gliss 5800

For very heavy installations. Exceptionally neat profile for size of system, especially compared with traditional stage tracks. Extremely wide choice of stacking options including multiple stacking.

Silent Gliss 5420

Light – medium – heavy weight curtains. Dual channel for unlimited curtain overlap. Ceiling or wall fix. Can be bent. Various stacking possibilities. White profile as standard. Can be operated via fixed switch or radio control.

Silent Gliss 5220

Medium weight curtains. Can be bent. Multiple and asymmetrical stacking possible. Single, pair and multiple stacks and asymmetric applications

Silent Gliss 5200

Medium weight curtains. Can be bent. Multiple and asymmetrical stacking possible. Easy ceiling or wall fix. Recess fixing possible. The motor can also be mounted above the profile.

Light-weight Application

Silent Gliss 5090 Autoglide

Light – medium weight curtains. Maximum of two bends per system. Single or pair stack. Choice of operating methods – 5090 Basic with wall switch, 5090IR with remote control, 5090TL with timer unit and light sensor or 5090TC with all options. Suitable for use with Wave curtain heading system.


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