Discontinued Fabric, Textile and Wallpaper matching

If you need to match a fabric, textile or wallpaper which has been discontinued, our matching service may be able to help even if you purchased it elsewhere. Through our longstanding relationships with many of the top fabric, textile and wallpaper brands we may be able to facilitate a reprint or be granted permission to reproduce the pattern through our own facilities.

For information on any fabric, textile or wallpaper matching you may require, Contact Us and let us know what you need.

Protective Window Film

You invest time, money and effort to furnish your home, matching colours and shades, only to find that the sun fades the fabrics to a pale imitation of what was intended. Now it is possible to protect your investment with a film applied to glass which will cut out up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Good for your family and good for your furniture.

Please Note: Fading can be dramatically reduced by installing this clear film although it can never be entirely eliminated

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House Couturier works with clients to bring a rare mix of flair, dynamism and professionalism to a project, be it a large town house or a small apartment. More...

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cabinetry & Joinery

Let us create your kitchens, bathrooms and cabinets to suit your budget and style. You can choose from hand built to an off the shelf inexpensive kitchen. More...

Fabric Walling

There are two ways of installation for you to consider: The ‘invisible method as is often referred to means the fabric will project from the wall just under 3 cms and may not require braid. Often used in a more contemporary setting. The price is from £95.00 per square metre supplied and fitted excluding fabric and braid

We fabric wall using a Traditional method, upholstered, blind corners, batons and bumpf. Projection of - 6mm - baton - fabric stapled to baton with braid around perimeters . The traditional route with bumpf interlining between the wall and fabric with braid around the edges of the walls. This is the most widely used method. Braid top and bottom of perimeter.

Paint Effects, Murals and Specialist Decoration

Our experienced decorators are skilled in all decorative techniques, including a range of broken colourwashes - veils of paint at various depths - that add a fantastic intensity of colour to any rough, uneven or smooth surfaces/walls.

We undertake all specialist finishes from matching fabrics and soft furnishings to murals and skies.

Click here for details of paint effects and finishes available


The House Couturier works with consultancy services in Architecture, Planning, Conservation and Project Management. Projects undertaken in recent years fall into the following categories:


Sports & Leisure
Commercial Refurbishment

Building works - Although we have the resources for large projects, we are also able to undertake small carpentry, plumbing and decorating jobs.

Home Integrated Music Systems & Cinemas - "Inspired, Installed and Invisible" State of the art Audio\Visual systems which can be created by our consultants.

Multi-Zone Music Systems - Controlled by hand touch Remotes in each room with discretely hidden flush wall mounted speakers, giving you the freedom to move around the home and still enjoy High Quality music. A concept that not only integrates your music system but links to lighting, air-conditioning and Voice activated controls. The unseen sound principle has become a reality.

"In our world of technology the only limit is your imagination"

Home Cinema - Imagine an eight wide cinema screen with supreme clarity accompanied by high quality surround sound, transports your lounge to Hollywood. A digital user-friendly software based cinema system designed by our consultants creates an unforgettable experience of movie magic - putting you in the director's chair.

Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas.


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