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Parquet de Versailles and Parquet de Campagne Wooden Flooring

The reclaimed wooden floors above are a new product  of reclaimed wood, each with a unique story to tell. The wood used to make these floors has already been around for hundreds of years, having served its time in warehouses, private residences and grand public spaces, often originating hundreds of miles from British shores.

Chantilly Parquet flooring is  waxed and polished, Parquet de Versailles is  fixed with wooden nails and hand waxed and polished with a special waxing  machine.

These are original antique solid 12mm boards, brought back from overseas to the workshops in France to commence the meticulous work required for this special finish.

N.B. Because of the rarity of the wood, there is limited availability, so please register your interest as soon as possible.

Starting price per square metre - £550.00 plus vat plus installation – please note specialist installation required.

Reclaimed wooden parquet flooring

Reclaimed parquet flooring
Reclaimed parquet panel

Reclaimed wood panel, narrow board
Reclaimed narrow board panel

Reclaimed wood panel, broad board
Reclaimed broad board panel

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